How to start a t shirt business in India – 1 – Finding your Niche

Hello there to all our readers…I guess it’s been a long time I’ve written on here…

Often we come across many people who want to start a brand and they think they shall rock… unfortunately, more than 80-90% of those fail. There are many reasons to failure and we have analysed them for our readers…however…I wanted to write these posts in positive light. So we shall be covering the does to a successful brand rather than the don’ts to a failed one.

So I’m starting this off with our first point – niche/concept of your brand. Do remember…these points are not given in any particular order of importance. However having a niche for your brand is of prime importance.

The Indian market is fairly new to t shirt entrepreneurs and right now is the prime time as we see new companies opening up day by day..may teens would see the likes of bewakoof or wyo and think that they can too become t shirt entrepreneurs. But trust me friends, it isn’t as easy. You may think that there are only a few brands out there…but start searching, you shall find more than 200 websites selling t shirts online. And all of them have a unique point and somewhere in between your idea for a brand would have already been implemented.

So it’s of prime importance that you have a unique selling point. I mean If you are going to sell t shirts with quotes, there are already well settled and known players in the market that can do that at a better price and service than your startup. A unique selling point could be quotes and graphics related to a particular region which hasn’t been tapped yet ..or you could promote your city culture or a particular profession…it could be something simple as save rivers or save the environment. Such niches are also supported by an emotion and many people do support.

Choosing your niche should be something that you are passionate about. Something that you like, something you love, some area in which your creativity can bloom. It is necessary that your niche is specific…you can have a specific group of loyal customers rather than a broad range.

For example..we have this brand working with us that caters specifically to ktm riders. It’s founded by a group of 3 students who are passionate about KTM. They sell the tees on KTM rides, on their rider blog, on their website, they include the tees in their vlogs and all…and the best part is…they cater to an elite audience and hence they do charge a hefty margin.

We also do know of few brands that think we shall have all kinds of designs…they have no specific target and hence just keep picking up designs from other sites and keep thinking they shall sell…one day they are focusing on avengers, one day they are copying from other website, one day they are on to couple t shirts and hence they are never able to develop a loyal customer base…a returning customer never finds his passion that he found the first time.

So wrapping this up…the moral is that you should always have a unique thing about your brand.

Well heading off…see you in our next post in the series.

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