Best Blank T shirt Manufacturer India

Sure, you must be searching to start out your own brand, you must have heard that quality matters and thats where we come in.

We are a t shirt company based in Ahmedabad India. We strive to provide the best blanks to companies throughout the globe. Our blanks are made of 100% cotton.

Biowashed for the extra soft hand feel and longetivity. Our blanks are made of combed ring spun cotton without the extra protruding fibres. We make the best tees from the best cotton, to the yarn, to the dyeing. We use ecodye and soft flow dye our fabric so that the colour fastness is brand standard.

We provide our tees in 180 gsm, just the right amount, neither too thin nor too thick. Keep you comfortable throughout the day. Our tees are also crafted with the perfect fit so that they for nice and snugly on your body. Added with a stretchable lycra rib that does not sag even after multiple washes. Our tees are also stitched from the side unlike boxy tees in the market.

We have worked to produce just the perfect tees so that you can start your t shirt brand hassle free.

We also keep a ready stock in 10 colours and 7 sizes so that you can order any time so that you never run out of stock.

We can also integrate you with a screen printer so that your printing needs are also taken care of. We at blisswear make sure to handle all the production so that you can focus your effort on the important task of building and growing your brand.

How to tell apart a good t shirt, for starters its side stitched, all the good t shirts are always side stitched. Our bodies aren’t tubes and hence tees aren’t supposed to be tubes.

Our t shirts have the side seem to have the perfect side seem unlike the promotion tees in the market. The second thing to look for in a good cotton t shirt is the soft and tight knit. The knit should be nice and tight and should not be loose like in many of the t shirts in the market. The nice and tight knit and biowash makes a nice smooth surface for printing especially dtg prints.

Hence get in touch with us and get a look at our tees , we know you will love them!!

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