Best Sublimation Blanks

Hello there! This is Parth from
The fact that you are here means that you must be looking for good quality sublimation t shirts for your printing business.

I know I probably shouldn’t say that but ill go ahead anyway especially for many new comers who have some misconceptions regarding sublimation printing.

Sublimation printing does not work on cotton, I repeat it doesn’t work on cotton. People may try to sell you special papers or powder but that doesn’t last long.

Sublimation works only on polyester. The polyester fibres get dyed with the colour and once dyed it doesn’t fade for life.
So the brightness in your print or design depends on the amount of polyester in your fabric. The more the polyester content, the better the sublimation result will be. So naturally 100% polyester fabric will have the best output.

Now the problem with 100% polyester is that it can be thin to wear or sticks to skin etc.
That’s why we at blisswear have come out with the best sublimation blank t shirts out there.

We have 2 High end options, both of the options are cotton feel so they feel just like the cotton jersey t shirts that we all always love.

1. 170 Gsm PolyCotton Single Jersey Fabric
2. 220 Gsm Heavy PolyCotton Fabric
In 220 gsm, we have 6 best sublimation fabric colours available with us. And we have white available in 170 Gsm.

Our Tees have the premium feel of cotton yet giving the best result on sublimation. These t shirts are a real life saver.

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