Blank T Shirt Quality – What is Biowash

Often many brand owners ask us if our t shirts are biowashed. Many t shirt manufacturers may tell you that the tees are bio washed, But do you really know what that means?

So in this post we will discuss – What is Biowash, Brief Process of Biowash, Importance of Bio wash, How it is important for your business, How to identify Biowash.

What is Bio Wash

Bio-Wash is a finishing process that enhances fabric quality by decreasing the pilling tendency and fuzziness of (cellulose) knitted fabrics. This finishing process applied to cellulose textiles that produces permanent effects by the use of enzymes. This process removes protruding fibres & slubs from knitted fabrics, significantly reduces pilling, softens fabric hand and provides a smooth fabric appearance .

About the Process : 

The biowash process targets the removal of the small fiber ends protruding from the yarn surface and thereby reduces the hairiness or fuzz of the fabrics. The hydrolysis action of the enzyme weakens the protruding fibers to the extent that a small physical abrasion force is sufficient to break and remove them. Bio wash can be accomplished at any time during wet processing but is most convenient performed after bleaching.

It can be done in both continuous or batch processes. However, continuous processes require some incubation time for enzymatic degradation to take place. Removing the fuzz makes the color brighter, the fabric texture more obvious, and reduces pilling. Smoother yarns also increase the fabric softness, appearance and feel. Since it is an additional process, the bio-polished garments may cost slightly more. Next time you buy apparel, look for the label “Biowashed”

Importance of Bio Wash

  1. To removes Hairiness, fluffs and pills .
  2. To Prevent material sticking .
  3. To soften fabric hand & improved handle .
  4. To achievement of surface smoothness and a clear structural appearance & improved luster .
  5. To improved material texture relaxation & increased flexibility.
  6. To improved sew-ability & Fast to washing, low pilling tendency, no napping in use, or during care operation.
  7. To Converted fabrics from Poor quality, uneven, napped, knoppy material surface to lustrous, soft, elegant,top quality with a fine, high quality surface appearance.

How Bio Wash is important for your business?

As a business owner you would obviously want the best quality for your brand. However, Biowash does not necessarily mean best quality as such. It is essentially a process that helps to remove stray fibres from t-shirts.

This process has its merits and demerits.

As such it is good for the life of t-shirts but the fabric may feel thinner after the process as the extra protruding fibres will be gone. Biowash is also a very necessary process if you wish to do DTG prints on your tees as the smooth service provides an excellent canvas for the print heads to work on. Biowash also prevents pilling of fabric.

However many brand owners decide to go for non biowashed as they like the lusture and feel of non-biowash more than biowashed garmets. And Biowash costs slightly more too.

Ultimately its up to you to decide whether you want biowashed or non biowashed. Our opinion is that what feels good to you is the best.

I hope taking all above factors into account, you can come to a conclusion as to what would be best for your brand

How to Identify Bio Wash

This bring us to a very important section of this post. How not to get duped buy paying for Biowash and receiving Non-Biowashed.

As mentioned earlier, Bio wash ensures that stray fibres are removed and a smooth surface is left. Such a change is visible easily to the naked eye but takes some practice. You would need to see a few pieces of Authentic Biowash fabric and learn to see the difference biowash makes.

To make this easier, let me attach a picture of 2 of our t shirts.

Bio and Non

As you can see above, my phones camera was able to beautifully spot the difference between biowash(lower) and non-biowash(upper). I hope you can see the stray fibres in the non biowashed variety and also compare it with the smooth surface of the bio wash variety. Feel free to zoom in to get a proper look.

After seeing and comparing a few sample pieces, you will get the hang of it and can simply tell by looking at the fabric.

I hope this post was helpful and should you need any more help, You can email us at or even visit our store in Adalaj. We would be more than happy to be of any help.

See you in the next post… Stay Tuned..

Signing off, Parth, Blisswear.

Blank T Shirt Quality – What is Gsm?

Best Blank T Shirt

Hello there, the fact that you are here testifies that you must be in a dilemma for which quality blank or plain t shirt to use for your clothing brand or you might be browsing for fun. Anyway, whichever it is we are always here to help.

So, the main question would be what quality would you like to provide to your customers. Are you looking for something cheap or you want to build something so that customers keep returning for more. We normally suggest and want to work towards the second case.

Round Neck T Shirts – The most commonly used t-shirts are made of 100% Cotton. These days many brands are providing various blends but 100% cotton has always been the best choice.

In cotton tees, you might have heard of GSM and wondered what that is, well, GSM basically means Grams per Square meter. Essentially is means how many grams does one meter squared of fabric weigh. This is the preliminary factor when checking the fabric quality. However, THICKER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER. Please read the previous sentence and understand it well. We normally get clients asking for a thicker material of comparing materials based only on GSM. So i repeat THICKER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER. Still GSM is the preliminary measure of quality.

Varieties of GSM

1- 90 GSM – 120 GSM – These blends are not normally available in cotton and we only have these in polyester. They are used only for promotional purpose, Marathons, Rallies etc. Normally, they are sublimated upon and worn on top of regular wear and usually thrown after the event.

2- 140 GSM – Next in line is 140 GSM. We have this available as jersey cotton t shirts. These are also for promotional purpose. And mostly used for baby wear and inner wear by clothing lines. Our 140 Gsm Cotton T Shirts are made of RingSpun Semi Combed Cotton. Combing is a process through which excess fibre is removed from fabric. We shall talk about combing in detail in a separate post. Stay Tuned.

3. 160 GSM – This is the starting point of regular wear tees. The classic light weight T- Shirts are manufactured at this weight. Our 160 Gsm Tees come in 2 varieties – Combed and Semi Combed. We always suggest the combed variety to our partners.

4. 180 GSM – This is the GOD Father in Jersey T Shirts. It is the most widely used variety throughout the world. It refers to the 5.3 Oz tee. It has just the perfect thickness. Neither too thin that it feels cheap Nor is it so thick that its hot and uncomfortable. It’s just perfect. All brands mostly have this variety in most of their lines. Coming to processing. We make 180 GSM in Semi Combed and Combed Variety. We also offer a third variety which is Combed  + Biowash/Biopolish. We rarely deal in Semi Combed unless on make to order. Our most selling tees are 180 GSM Combed (with or without Biowash). Coming to biowash, its a process that is so important that we shall dedicate a separate post to biowash. However in brief – Biowash uses enzymes to remove stray fibres giving the smooth of premium fabric.

5. 200 GSM – This is the most premium fabric used by top end brands. We only keep the Combed and Biowashed Variety in this Weight because its no use buying a high end quality without biowash. 200 GSM Biowashed tees have the utmost soft feel and premium look. And they last long as well. These are 5.9 OZ heavy weight tees.

After studying the above fabric qualities and their properties, we might have been able to bring some light to the equation. But fabric qualities being so complex, GSM alone can’t decide the best tee, we have to look at various factors like Post Processing, Washing, Dyeing, Yarn Count, Stitching etc.

I think I shall say good bye here for now, Hope to meet you in our next post in which we shall discuss more factors that go into the quality of a t- shirt. See you soon.

Signing Off

Parth Borad,


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