Need to create customised apparel for your business, College, School or your sports team? Then Come to us, we manufacture all types of T-shirts for Men, Women & Children in various types of Fabrics.

Main Types of Customization available for T Shirts are the following:

  1. Screen Printing – Also known as rubber printing. A variety of screen printing inks are used e.g – Plastisol Ink, Water Based Ink, Discharge Ink etc
  2. Embroidery – In this threads are used to create a beautiful pattern to show case your logo – recommended for higher quantity.
  3. Sublimation Printing – In this method, Full colour prints can be achieved on Polyester Base T-Shirts. Essentially only white colours especially white can be used to print on T Shirts. It is relatively cheaper and bring out a bright result.

All the methods above have their merits and demerits. Deciding the best suitable ideal method is of utmost importance. Taking into account, Purpose, Quality Needed, Printing Matter, Budget etc You have to choose the best suited method for your needs. At Blisswear, We guide you well on what type of custom printing to use with your customised t-shirt order.

Visit us anytime to design the best cost friendly customised t-shirts for your business/college/institution or event.